Here’s How You Can Help Your Team Set Goals in 2019

With 2018 behind us and 2019 in its relative infancy, the minds of organizations are on the year ahead. What do you want to do that is new, different, and better? Once assessed, most organizations will find themselves with a general road map of where they want to be; however, the bigger question is – who is going to take them there?

For the most part, the success or failure of a company lies on the shoulders of those in charge; however, that isn’t to say they are the only ones who play a part in it. One of the most crucial skills an employer can have is the ability to guide, inspire, and help their team achieve its goals, which, coincidently enough, should also be the same goals as the company.

In order to help you, your organization and your teams make the most out of 2019, here are some essential tips for setting goals you not only achieve, but exceed.

First, define what “success” is

One of the easiest catalysts for failure is when a clear definition of what success is and what it would look like is lacking. In order to do this, you need to avoid setting vague goals, such as “more sales” or “more productivity.” Sure, while these are worthwhile goals and what you’d like to achieve, they lack a measurable and tangible element. Instead, say “10 percent more sales with the next quarter,” or “produce 30 more widgets across the next week.” When an employee has a clear idea of what success is and how to achieve it, the likelihood of them succeeding increases exponentially.

Understand the limitations

Setting and achieving goals is great and will ultimately lead you to success; however, understanding what goals are reasonable to each circumstance – like time, workforce, and overall bandwidth – can easily be the difference between success and failure. You always want to encourage your teams to strive for more, but only if there is reasonable potential to do so.

Check in

Assuming you have put the ball in motion and given your teams some actionable and attainable goals; now what? You check in! Not only does talking to your teams, following up, evaluating progress, and lending guidance as needed show support for your employee, it also helps reaffirm the importance of the work being done.

Get the most out of 2019 by getting the most out of your team.

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