How Are You Going to Attract Passive Job Seekers in 2019?

Organizations want to hire the best, especially for critical roles. In these situations, companies will usually opt for candidates who are more experienced, more qualified and have a positive employment record that demonstrates they are happy with where they are in their career. Surprisingly, it is here where the problem lays.

While sourcing talent along the lines of the aforementioned is seemingly par for the course, ask yourself if a person who is happy with their career and job would be actively seeking a new job? Unlikely. However, while happy, they are still people who at their core, will always want to better themselves if the right opportunity comes along.

Welcome to the world of passive job seekers. In this piece, we’ll discuss how to utilize this approach to attract top-tier talent to fill mission-critical roles.

Be Connected & Consistent Online

If you are looking to attract passive talent, your first hurdle is to ensure that talent knows your organization exists, and the simplest way to do that is online. The key is to maintain a consistent digital presence online by sharing information about your company through blogs and social media to help prospects get to know your organization on a more personal level.

Go Online, but Don’t Stay Just There

While nobody can argue that the internet has connected us all and made the world a much smaller place, the reality is few things can top an actual in-person, face-to-face encounter. By hosting a live event, you’ll get not only the chance to invite top talent, but more importantly, give them a preview into your culture, employees, and ideally, give them a reason they should consider working there.

You See Employees; We See Recruiters

Are you looking for passive candidates? Have you tried passive recruiting? When you have successfully created a culture that is appealing to your employees, you’ll be amazed at how quickly they will spread the word and in many cases, do the legwork for you.

Go Social

When we say just about everyone is on social media, we mean everyone – including passive job seekers. So instead of waiting for them to engage with you, why don’t you engage with them? Follow, connect, like and share the activity of potential candidates. Not only will it make them feel good, it will keep your company on their mind.

The landscape for quality candidates is changing, and you need a partner who can adapt and change with it. Contact Intermountain Staffing today and learn the difference working with an industry leader can make.