What You Could Be Missing Out on By NOT Working With a Staffing Agency

What You Could Be Missing Out on By NOT Working With a Staffing Agency 1

So, you need to hire some employees? Maybe you are expanding, or perhaps it is only seasonable; however, regardless of the reason, you need some staff. What do you do?


From where I am sitting, you have two options. First, you could go the traditional route and post your job opening online and hope you get some good response. Sadly, for anyone who has ever done this before knows, this method usually takes a lot of time, resources, money, and when it is all said and done you notice that you have had to sift through a lot of dirt before you strike gold – so to speak. It’s enough to make you think isn’t there a better way?


There is, and it is called working with a staffing agency, and in case you weren’t sure about the benefits of taking this approach then I am about to make the decision to use one that much easier.


Save Time

When most organizations need staff, they need it now. That means that they need to find qualified and quality employees that can get the job done. But again, ask anyone who has ever done the hiring, and they will tell you this can be a long process. Fortunately, staffing agencies not only have access to more candidates, but they will take the time to sift through the applicants, qualify them, perform background checks, and just present those who meet the criteria to the client.


Gain Expertise

I am willing to bet that you know a fair bit about your line of work. You probably have a lot of experience and know the ins and outs of your industry. But what do you know about recruitment and the hiring process?


Working with an agency can give you industry-specific expertise when it comes to hiring quality employees, and this not only streamlines the entire process but can give you peace of mind knowing that your firm is in the hands of an experienced professional.


Utilize Network

Sometimes when the time comes to hire someone, that someone is specific. Maybe you need staff with a particular qualification or license, or perhaps you need them to have specific experience that isn’t that hard to come by. Now, an ask like this might make a hiring manager nervous, especially as the more niche and skilled workers aren’t as quick to apply to a job posting as they likely already have a job. However, this is an ideal scenario for a staffing agency. They have an expansive network of qualified candidates and if not, know the right procedure for searching the passive job market to find you the talent you need.


Don’t miss out when it comes to growing your business.

Contact Ascend Staffing today and discover what an experienced recruitment partner can do for you.

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