Is Your Newest Hire All Talk and No Work?

Is Your Newest Hire All Talk and No Work? 1

If you are a hiring manager, it doesn’t matter if you are trying to fill an entry-level, junior, senior, management or executive position – the expectation of that new hire is always the same: to perform. However, as if often the case, expectations and reality can be very different things, and all too often, managers find themselves “underwhelmed” by their new hire’s performance.

While most employers would agree there is no place in their organization for bad employees who don’t do any work, determining if they do, in fact, fall under that umbrella can sometimes be easier said than done – until now.

Curious to know if your new hire is all talk and no work? Keep reading to discover a few of the telltale signs.


They’re Constantly Late

One of the most crucial aspects of doing any job, is to show up on time. However, for those “all smoke, no fire” employees, this is not usually the case. If you notice your new hire is setting a bad habit of showing up late, I’d suggest curbing that behavior quickly, if not, you might want to consider reopening the position.


It’s Never Their Fault

Nobody likes to be responsible for something bad that happens. However, being able to own up to it, accept the consequences, and ultimately learn from it, are hallmark characteristics of a good employee. Sadly, with mediocre employees, they seemingly have a million and one excuses as to why anything bad that happens is everyone else’s fault except their own.


They Pull Disappearing Acts

Sometimes life can, and does, get in the way of doing our jobs. Maybe nature is calling, and you have to run to the bathroom suddenly, perhaps you get held up on an unavoidable personal call on your lunch break or there is an emergency that requires your immediate attention. No matter the situation, a good employee will always let their superiors know what is happening and won’t just disappear without a trace when they are needed most.


They Talk … A Lot

While the dream is to have employees who work hard, when it comes to bad employees, the reality is they do a lot, but that “a lot” is usually talking and not working. Bad employees tend to have a tough time focusing on the task at hand and will often revert to idle chatter and unproductive conversations to pass the time. Not only does this hurt your expenses by having a non-productive team member, but one lousy employee can quickly bring down the productivity of those around them.


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