Has it ever occurred to you that your work clothes may cause you to be injured?

Has it ever occurred to you that your work clothes may cause you to be injured? 1

The fact is that the work clothes you wear to the job can affect your safety. A simple example is the length of your pants. If they are too long, you can easily catch your heel in them coming down a ladder or trip yourself while backing up or see them while going downstairs.

Although you don’t see many construction workers wearing ties that can catch in moving machinery, you may notice many long sleeves that can pose the same threat as a tie. If your sleeves are long, keep them buttoned at the wrist. Don’t roll them up or leave them loose. Also, keep your shirt tucked in and your belt tight. You will not believe many people have been maimed or killed because their shirts got caught in moving machinery. Also, it is not a good idea to wear gloves around moving machinery. Never touch moving parts or machinery with or without gloves.

Watch your shoes. Make sure they are in good condition and are suited for the job you are doing.   Good leather work boots with rubber soles are best. Steel toes are required.

 Keep your work clothes clean. Work clothes that are dusty and greasy can cause skin irritations. In addition, work clothes that are soaked with oil and grease can catch fire from a spark or cigarette.

I’m sure you have heard the phrase,” Dress for Success.” That might be true in many cases, but you should “Dress for Safety” regarding personal protection.

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