Use AI and Technology to Improve Your Hiring Process

Use AI and Technology to Improve Your Hiring Process 1

Artificial intelligence and other technologies are changing the way businesses operate. State-of-the-art tech helps companies to become faster, more productive, and more efficient than ever before. Plus, AI and myriad tech empower companies to improve their hiring processes.

There are several ways that you can use AI and other tech to enhance your hiring process, such as:

1. Implement AI Chatbots

Set up AI chatbots on your website. Next, you can use these chatbots to answer common questions from job seekers. Your chatbots can save you both time and money. Furthermore, your chatbots ensure job candidates can get the information they need, without hesitation. The result: your chatbots can bolster the recruitment experience and help your company engage with top talent.

2. Track Applicants Throughout the Hiring Process

Utilize applicant tracking technology to monitor all job candidate submissions. Tech enables you to find out when an applicant submits their job materials. It ensures you can monitor an applicant as he or she moves along the hiring process. You can use technology to collect talent recruitment and engagement data and insights. From here, you can explore ways to get the most value out of your talent recruitment and engagement efforts.

3. Monitor Job Candidates on Social Media

Look at job candidates’ Twitter, Facebook, and other social media profiles. You can use candidates’ social media content to get a good idea about how these individuals promote themselves online. Keep an eye out for any controversial content on candidates’ social media pages. If a candidate’s social media accounts paint a poor picture of him or her, you may want to consider other applicants.

4. Verify You Are in Compliance with Federal Mandates

Take advantage of hiring software that lets you confirm you are running your hiring process in accordance with federal laws. For instance, employers are responsible for complying with wages, anti-discrimination, and other national mandates. Thanks to technology, you can ensure your company operates in alignment with these requirements. You can also lower or eliminate the risk of compliance violations.

5. Leverage Background Check Technology

Invest in software that lets you conduct job candidate background checks. The software enables you to confirm a candidate’s experience, education, and credentials match those listed on their resume. It allows you to avoid background check mistakes that otherwise can result in a poor hiring decision, too.

Use the Right Tech for Hiring

If you are considering technology for hiring, evaluate a wide range of options. Then, you can figure out what technologies can deliver the best return on investment. You can next invest in appropriate hiring technologies. And you can use these technologies to take your hiring process to new heights.

As you evaluate hiring technologies, don’t forget about hands-on staffing services, either. Ascend Staffing offers professional talent recruitment support to businesses of all sizes. We can put you in touch with top talent at your convenience. To find out more about our staffing services, please contact us today.

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