Signs That Unconscious Biases Are Impacting Your Hiring

Signs That Unconscious Biases Are Impacting Your Hiring 1

Unconscious biases can unknowingly and unexpectedly crop up during your search for top talent. These biases can hamper your hiring process. And they can hinder your business’ ability to add quality professionals to your team.

There are many signs that unconscious biases are impacting your hiring. These include:

  • Expressing an affinity toward a job candidate who fits your company’s culture.
  • Pursuing a candidate based solely on their educational background.
  • Selecting candidates because “I could see myself hanging out with them after work.”
  • Choosing a candidate with similar skills to those your employees already have.
  • Hiring male candidates over female ones or vice versa, even if candidates have the same skills and experience.
  • Making assumptions about a candidate’s skills and experience based on their age.

A clear understanding of unconscious biases is paramount. That way, you can understand their impact and prevent them from disrupting your business’ search for top talent.

Now, let’s answer some of the biggest questions surrounding unconscious biases.

What Is an Unconscious Bias?

An unconscious bias is an assumption, belief, or attitude that affects people without even realizing it. People can develop an unconscious bias based on their life experiences and exposure to different stereotypes. Meanwhile, an unconscious bias can affect how people act and think toward others.

Why Are Unconscious Biases Problematic?

You can miss out on opportunities to hire superb job candidates due to an unconscious bias. Furthermore, an unconscious bias can lead you to make poor hiring decisions. It can ultimately hinder your business’ ability to foster a culture where inclusion and diversity reign supreme, too.

How Can You Guard Against Unconscious Biases That Impact Your Hiring?

1. Track Your Hiring Results

Collect data as you recruit and hire talent. This enables you to see if there are any hiring patterns and trends. You can then fine-tune your hiring practices as needed.

2. Be Transparent

Share insights into your hiring practices with job candidates and others. In doing so, you can show people what your company is all about. You can also distinguish your brand from others.

3. Strive for Continuous Improvement

Try to make your workforce as inclusive and diverse as possible. Over time, you can collect employee feedback to learn how personnel feel about your workforce. This can help you identify new ways to improve your company’s hiring processes.

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At Ascend Staffing, our recruiters understand the challenges of unconscious biases in hiring top job candidates. Our recruiters work diligently to avoid these biases.

First, we learn what you want to accomplish as you search for the best job candidates. We then work with you to identify and recruit talent on your behalf. Our team will reach out to you if we have any concerns or questions as we seek out talent for your company. And we encourage you to contact us if you have concerns or questions as well.

We can help you conduct an extensive search for job candidates who can fill roles across your business. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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