Elevating Your Job Interview Attire: Do’s & Don’ts to Dress for Success

Elevating Your Job Interview Attire: Do's & Don'ts to Dress for Success 1

You plan ahead for every job interview. As part of your interview prep, it pays to consider what you will wear. If you choose the right job interview attire, you can feel confident as you meet with a prospective employer. As a result, you can boost your chances of making a positive impression during your interview. On the other hand, if you pick the wrong outfit, you may lose out on the opportunity to land your dream job.

If you are struggling to find the ideal job interview attire, you are not alone. Thankfully, there are do’s and don’ts you can follow to help you dress for success during a job interview.

Job Interview Attire Do’s

1. Select an Outfit That Lines Up with a Company’s Dress Code

Learn as much as you can about a business and its culture before your job interview. This can help you figure out what to wear to your interview and make sure your outfit matches up to what the business’ employees typically wear.

2. Consider the Weather

Take a look at the upcoming forecast and dress accordingly for your interview. For example, if the weather calls for snow, you may want to wear a warm coat or scarf when you go to your interview.

3. Look for Rips and Tears in Your Clothing

Check out your interview outfit and make sure it looks clean, pristine, and tidy. If you notice any rips or tear, fix them before your interview. Otherwise, pick out another outfit to wear.

4. Remove Wrinkles from Your Clothing

Iron, press, or steam your interview attire. This helps you remove wrinkles from your interview clothes. On top of that, wearing a wrinkle-free outfit shows that you care about an interview and want to look your best for it.

Job Interview Attire Don’ts

1. Wear Clothes That Don’t Fit

Try on your interview attire at least a few days before your meeting. If your outfit feel too tight to wear, look for another option that is both comfortable and stylish.

2. Choose Apparel That Can Be Flashy and Distracting

Resist the urge to select an interview outfit that will take your interviewer’s attention away from the task at hand. When in doubt about what to wear to an interview, choose a simple outfit over one that can be flashy and distracting to others.

3. Over-Accessorize

In terms of accessories to wear during a job interview, less can be more. Generally, wearing a colorful smartwatch, thick gold chain, or other eye-catching accessories can distract an interviewer. Limit the accessories you wear, and your interviewer can focus on what’s most important: figuring out if you are the right candidate to fill a role with their business.

4. Select Casual Clothes

Try not to be too informal in what you wear to a job interview. This means you should avoid wearing ripped jeans, athletic apparel, or other casual clothes you may wear outside of a traditional work environment.

The Bottom Line on Job Interview Attire

Your job interview attire can have a major impact on your ability to secure the job you want. Of course, your interview outfit is one of many factors to consider as you prepare for your interview. If you want extra help with interview prep to ensure that your nerves are calm when you meet with a prospective employer, Ascend Staffing can assist.

Ascend Staffing offers job interview guidance and support. We can also help you find a job that aligns with your career goals. To get started, explore our job board today.

Elevating Your Job Interview Attire: Do's & Don'ts to Dress for Success 2

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