Benefits and Savings with Ascend Staffing 

At Ascend Staffing, we take pride in the value and savings we provide to our clients. The following is a case study of one of these clients and the analysis that they did on the benefits and savings they received using Ascend Staffing. 

In Their Own Words

We have historically utilized the uniform hiring practice protocols for hiring hourly union workers.  In addition to this we have utilized several temporary services to assist with this process on a temp to hire basis as needed.

In January of 2018 a new hiring model was introduced for the union hourly employees.  The process now utilizes Ascend Staffing for all plant employees with the exception of maintenance. It was also agreed that Ascend Staffing would staff a full-time employee responsible for onboarding all new hires at the our plant.


  • Onboarding by temp service (payroll cost savings)
  • Weekly payroll vs bi-weekly
  • Lower fringe rate .40 vs our fringe rate of .4834
  • We now have the ability to evaluate new hire performance for 90 days
  • Ascend Staffing responsible for workers compensation costs
  • Our benefits waiting period is extended from 60 days to 150 days
  • Long term lowers our turnover rate
  • Underperforming temp can be referred back rather than having to terminate ourselves
  • Advertising cost reduction


  • Some applicants may not want to work for temp service

Using Ascend Staffing versus In-House Hiring

Our client also did an analysis of the real cost savings of using Ascend Staffing versus hiring these workers in-house. The results are impressive, especially when looked at in the long-term.

Costs of Hiring In-House Rate Per Week YTD
Regular Dollars $39,779 $1,290,009
Overtime Dollars $672 $88,261
Wages $40,451 $1,378,270
Fringe 48.34% $19,554 $666,256
Total Labor Spend $60,005 $2,044,525
Cost Savings (Extra) of Using Ascend Staffing $   1,763 $   88,629
Annualized $ 128,019

What could you do with the saved money from using Ascend Staffing?