Inspiring Creativity In the Workplace

Two male co-workers bumping fists

Business leaders can inadvertently hamper creativity at work. However, with the right approach, you can feel inspired in any role. Plus, you can use this approach to let your creative juices flow. At this point, you can drive yourself and your colleagues to new heights. Inspiring creativity at work requires patience. Fortunately, those who are… Read More »

Exercises to Strengthen Your Critical Thinking Skills

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Critical thinking skills can make a big difference in your career. If you can think critically at work, you’re well equipped to solve any problem that comes your way. As such, you can address problems with poise and composure. Plus, you can find solutions to even the toughest problems. The result: you can use your… Read More »

Using a Personal Device for Work? How to Protect Your Data

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Your personal device helps you stay on track at work. But, if you don’t protect your data properly, serious problems could arise. Without adequate data protection on your personal device, you are susceptible to a data breach. If a cybercriminal compromises your device, this individual can access any information stored on it. Plus, the criminal… Read More »

6 Signs That You Nailed Your Interview

Two people at job interview for a hospital job

Have you ever found yourself wondering how it went after you’ve gone through an interview? It’s not always easy to tell – and that suspense can be brutal. But short of hearing back from the interviewer or hiring manager, how are you supposed to tell if it was a good interview?  Here are six signs… Read More »

Tips to Make Sure Your Social Media Accounts Are Pleasing to Future Employers

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Social media is a core part of today’s job-hunting environment. One of the first things a potential employer will look at is a candidate’s LinkedIn profile – and it’s possible they’ll look at your other social media accounts too, like Facebook and Twitter. Since your social media profiles are a direct reflection of you as… Read More »

Got a Bad Performance Review? Here Are Some Tips on How to Respond

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Few things feel worse professionally than getting a bad performance review. Learning that your supervisor isn’t pleased with your performance after you’ve put in the hours and hard work can be very hard to accept. But it’s better to learn from the experience rather than let it derail you.   Here’s what to do when you… Read More »

Ghosted During Your Job Search? Here’s What to Do

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You work hard to search for your dream job. To date, you have been in touch with many job recruiters. However, there can be times when you are ghosted during your job search. If a recruiter ghosts you, try not to panic. Here are four things you can do to respond appropriately and get your… Read More »

How to Research Companies While Searching for Jobs

How to Research Companies While Searching for Jobs 10

You want a great job at a great company. At this point, you need to research companies and search for jobs at the same time. This can be tricky, but there are several things you can do to make the most of your job search. 3 Tips to Research Companies and Search for Jobs 1.… Read More »