7 Signs You Might Be A Job Hopper (And What To Do About It)

7 Signs You Might Be A Job Hopper (And What To Do About It) 1

You may have worked a wide range of jobs over the years. At this point, you may start to believe you’re a job hopper. Ultimately, there are many signs that you may be a job hopper. These can include: 1. You’ve Held Five or More Jobs at a Variety of Businesses Over the Past Seven… Read More »

Make Your Resume Searchable in Databases

Make Your Resume Searchable in Databases 2

You feel good about your resume. However, you want to do everything in your power to make your resume stand out from other job candidates’. To do so, you should make your resume searchable in job application databases. Businesses use job application databases to store candidates’ submissions. If a company needs to fill a vacancy,… Read More »

5 Job Description Red Flags You Need to Know About

Man hard at work, deep in thought

You want a job that leads to a rewarding career. As such, you search far and wide for work. You may encounter many job descriptions as you pursue your dream role. And you may find many job description red flags, too. Ultimately, you need to keep an eye out for job description red flags. If… Read More »

Job Search Tips for Sales Professionals

Job Search Tips for Sales Professionals 4

You want a sales job that meets your requirements. But to date, you have had no such luck identifying your dream sales job. However, sales professionals who know the best job search tips are in a great position to move forward in their respective careers. Now, let’s look at four job search tips that every… Read More »

Most In-Demand Jobs of 2022 (and How to Find Them)

Female hospital worker on the phone

You want a new job in 2022. At this point, it pays to know the most in-demand jobs. That way, you can tailor your job search accordingly. Plus, you can position yourself to land a great job that leads to a rewarding career. Now, let’s look at three of the most in-demand jobs of 2022… Read More »

Learn How Potential Employers Responded to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Female non-clinical hospital worker answering the phone

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic created unprecedented challenges for businesses around the world. Some companies rose to the occasion and found ways to address these challenges. Meanwhile, others struggled in the midst of the pandemic. As a job seeker, it pays to learn how potential employers responded to the pandemic. That way, you can get a… Read More »

How Job Searches Have Evolved and What to Expect in 2022

Healthcare worker handing out a clipboard to a woman

2021 has been a year of evolution for job seekers. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has transformed how individuals conduct job searches. And searching for jobs will continue to evolve in 2022 as well. Now, let’s look at three ways job searches have evolved this year and what to expect when looking for a job in… Read More »

Format Your Resume the Right Way

Format Your Resume the Right Way 5

You can format your resume in many ways. Regardless, you need to choose a formatting option that works best for you. Typically, the best way to format your resume depends on the job you want to land and other factors. Yet, if you understand the ins and out of different resume formats, you can select… Read More »

How to Put in Your Notice Without Burning Bridges

Office worker on the phone

You have accepted a new job and are excited about the opportunity. Yet, you still need to put in your notice with your current employer. And doing so can be a stressful and exhausting experience. It pays to plan ahead for how you’ll put in your notice. That way, you can notify your present employer… Read More »