Top Reason for Workplace Injuries in 2020

Top Reason for Workplace Injuries in 2020 4

            Employee Safety should be every employers #1 priority. Here is a breakdown of how last year went in terms of workplace injuries in our nation. Slip and Fall- 19% Cut- 17% Hit Against- 17% Other Strain- 13% Misc.- 12% Strain by Lifting-8% Caught in Object- 5% Burn- 3% Motor Vehicle- 2% Helpful Safety Information… Read More »

Creating a Disaster Plan for Your Business

cab caught in flash flood

As you’re creating your disaster plan, keep the following preparation elements in mind: Sign up for severe weather alerts in your area. Program emergency numbers into your phone. Decide on a meeting place for your family/Co-workers to gather outside away from the building in a safe place. Plan escape routes . Remember, doors could be… Read More »