Develop an Effective Safety Management Program

Light industrial, construction workers smiling and clapping

Happy National Safety Month! Now’s a great time to develop an effective safety management program for your company. You can build a program that ensures your workers can safely complete everyday tasks. Plus, you can maintain this program and use it to reduce on-the-job accidents and injuries. Don’t wait to develop an effective safety management… Read More »

7 Tips for Writing the Perfect Follow-Up Email

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Sending a follow-up email within 24 hours of a job interview is a must. This thank-you note lets you express your appreciation to your interviewer. It also allows you to ask additional questions and show you’re still interested in a job. If you are worried about how to write the perfect follow-up email, you’re not… Read More »

How and When to Conduct a Group Interview

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A group job interview can provide a great opportunity for your team to learn about job candidates. To help you determine how and when to conduct a group interview, let’s answer some of the questions surrounding this topic. What Is a Group Job Interview? During a group job interview, one or more employees interview multiple… Read More »

Ace Your Next Interview with These 5 Tips

Ace Your Next Interview with These 5 Tips 4

A job interview presents a new opportunity for career advancement. As such, it is crucial to do whatever you can to make a positive impression during your next interview. That way, you’ll be well-equipped to land a great job and take your career to new heights. Now, let’s look at five things you can do… Read More »

Help Your Employees Set and Reach Purposeful Goals

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You want your employees to perform at peak levels. To achieve your desired result, help your workers set and reach purposeful goals. Goal-setting can have far-flung effects on your workforce. It encourages workers to give their all to help your company grow. Also, goal-setting empowers employees to build their skills and move forward in their… Read More »

Spring Cleaning Resume Tips for Job Seekers

Spring Cleaning Resume Tips for Job Seekers 5

Spring has arrived, and now’s a great time to clean up your resume. Here are five spring cleaning resume tips to help you do just that. 1. Update the Skills, Experience, and Education Sections of Your Resume It is paramount to provide potential employers with the most up-to-date information. If you have developed new skills,… Read More »

How Often Should I Survey My Employees?

How Often Should I Survey My Employees? 6

There is no specific time frame for surveying your employees. But, when it comes to employee surveys, you should complete them as often as possible. Many companies survey workers once a year. Meanwhile, others choose to use questionnaires to collect employee feedback and insights more frequently. Thanks to an employee survey, you can gather a… Read More »

7 Signs You Might Be A Job Hopper (And What To Do About It)

7 Signs You Might Be A Job Hopper (And What To Do About It) 7

You may have worked a wide range of jobs over the years. At this point, you may start to believe you’re a job hopper. Ultimately, there are many signs that you may be a job hopper. These can include: 1. You’ve Held Five or More Jobs at a Variety of Businesses Over the Past Seven… Read More »

How to Attract Passive Job Candidates

How to Attract Passive Job Candidates 8

Passive job candidates are not actively pursuing new career opportunities. However, if you present a job in the right way to these candidates, you may pique their interest. At this point, you can engage with a passive job candidate. From here, you may be able to add a quality professional to your team. There are… Read More »

Make Your Resume Searchable in Databases

Make Your Resume Searchable in Databases 9

You feel good about your resume. However, you want to do everything in your power to make your resume stand out from other job candidates’. To do so, you should make your resume searchable in job application databases. Businesses use job application databases to store candidates’ submissions. If a company needs to fill a vacancy,… Read More »