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4 Important Skills for General Laborers

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Every job requires a particular skill set to perform, and this is true from a custodian to a surgeon. However, while many people are aware (generally speaking) of what is required to be a doctor (like years upon years of school and accreditation), what isn’t as commonly talked about is what is required to excel as a general laborer. Well, fortunately, today, we hope to change that.

Here are our top picks of essential skills for general laborers that will help you land a job and delight your employer.


It doesn’t matter if you are leading a presentation in front of a boardroom of a dozen high-powered executives or trying to explain how to lay the foundation for a home, being able to communicate effectively is essential. Being able to share information with your coworkers, customers, and the boss is critical to success but also can have a significant impact on safety and productivity.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a job where efficiency isn’t essential, and one of the hallmark characteristics of efficiency is being able to keep track of what you have done and of what you’ll need to do. When you can focus as a result of organization in the midst of shifting priorities, you’ll be amazed at how much easier your job will become, not to mention how much better at it you’ll perform.


Have you ever encountered an issue, problem, or instance at work where you weren’t exactly sure what to do? If you answered yes, well, get in line. That is because the unexpected is more or less part of the course at some point in every job you’ll have. And when that happens - what do you do? Being able to assess a situation and determine the right course of action is paramount for success these days. Plus, being able to solve problems will help you stand out among your colleagues as a valuable asset to the company.


Being timely and punctual is perhaps the most straightforward thing anyone can do to excel at their job. Sadly, it seems many people have a difficult time doing this. Employers love staff who show up on time and ready to work. After all, when employees are late, no matter what the role, from leading a meeting to working on an assembly line, it can very quickly throw off the whole operation, ultimately impeding other people’s work and making you look bad. Looking to make your next career move but not sure where to start? Start by contacting Ascend Staffing today and learn the difference an experienced recruitment agency can make.


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