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4 Strategies to Communicate to Your Manager That You Are Overworked

Updated: 3 days ago

Here Are Four Strategies You Can Use to Tell your Boss You Have Too Much Work:

1. Request a Meeting with Your Boss Ask your boss to meet with you. The meeting can take place in person or through video chat. It gives you a designated date and time when you and your boss can discuss your workload. Prior to your meeting, think about what you are going to say. It helps to jot down notes that describe your current workload and why you feel overworked. Do not wait to schedule a meeting with your boss. If you believe you are living to work versus working to live, you need to address this issue. Otherwise, your extreme workload can take its toll on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. And, it can cause you to burn out.

2. Share Examples That Show You Are Overworked Simply telling your boss that you feel overworked is insufficient. However, if you can provide examples that show your boss that your workload is steep, your manager can get a good idea about what you are experiencing at work. When you come up with examples, be specific. Account for how many hours you need to complete various work tasks and how much time you are given to finish these tasks. In addition, offer several examples. With each example you share, you can show your boss why you are overworked and why now is the time to resolve this issue.

3. Highlight Your Work Experience Resist the urge to compare your workload to that of your peers. Instead, focus on how your workload stacks up against work you have completed in the past. For example, you may find that it takes five hours to complete a particular work task. Yet, your boss may only give you three hours to finish this task. By explaining this discrepancy to your boss, you can show him or her why you need extra time to complete the task. Do not sell yourself short when you highlight your work experience to your boss, either. Your work experience is an important consideration, as you know what it takes to handle a typical work task based on your role.

4. Offer Solutions Brainstorm solutions with your manager. It may take some time to come up with a solution that meets the needs of you and your boss. Regardless, when you and your boss work together, you can figure out the best way to avoid feeling overworked. Plus, you can get the help you need to perform your best.

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