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7 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

Updated: 3 days ago

You value your staff and want each worker to know you appreciate their hard work. To accomplish your goal, you should consider unique ways to show employee appreciation.

Employee Appreciation Tips You Need to Know

A consistent approach to employee appreciation is key. If you regularly express gratitude to your staff, you're well-equipped to boost talent retention. Plus, you can help your workers feel good about their company. This can result in unprecedented productivity across your workforce.

There is no shortage of ways to show employee appreciation, either. Creative ways to express gratitude to your staff include:

1. Offer a Free Lunch

Provide your team with a free lunch. Doing so won't break your budget. It also encourages staff members to come together and engage with one another over a tasty meal.

2. Use Social Media

Publish a social media post to express your gratitude for an employee on your company's Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page. You can use a post to recognize workers who accomplish various milestones. That way, you can use social media to celebrate workers who do their part to contribute to your business' success.

3. Provide Extra Time-Off

Give workers who go above and beyond the call of duty extra time-off. Encourage employees to use this time to get away from the hustle and bustle of work. And, when these workers return, they'll feel ready to give their all to your company once again.

4. Celebrate Employee Birthdays

Make each worker's birthday a day he or she will never forget. Pick up a cake, party favors, and other supplies to host a birthday celebration. Include your staff in the celebration; this enables staff members to collaborate with one another to support one of their peers. Of course, when the employee birthday celebration gets underway, the guest of honor is sure to feel appreciated.

5. Set Up a Wellness Day

Use a wellness day that promotes self-care at work. The day can include on-site massages, meditation sessions, and other wellness activities. It allows workers to focus on what's most important: feeling their best.

6. Sponsor Volunteer Opportunities

Encourage your workers to come forward with any volunteer opportunities. You can then volunteer your time to causes that interest your staff. In addition, reach out to your employees for information about any charitable organizations they support. You can make donations to these organizations.

7. Host an Off-Site Retreat

Schedule an off-site retreat that lets employees get away from work for the day and bond with one another. The retreat can include fun team-building activities that encourage communication and collaboration among your team. It can also be used to reward your team for a job well done.

Show Employee Appreciation and Find Top Talent

Along with showing employee appreciation, you need to make a plan to consistently attract top talent to your business. Ascend Staffing can help you develop and execute this plan.

We are a professional staffing agency that helps businesses connect with top talent in a variety of industries. To learn more about how we can solve your staffing challenges, please contact us today.  


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