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Boosting Employee Engagement in Meetings: 6 Strategies that Work

Updated: 3 days ago

You want your employees to get the most value out of your business meetings. By prioritizing employee engagement, you can achieve your desired result. How well you engage your workers during meetings is key. If workers participate in meetings, they can provide feedback and insights that help your company grow. Along with this, your workers can learn from their peers and superiors during meetings. This can set the stage for long-lasting partnerships that boost your company's employee satisfaction and retention rates. Ultimately, there are several tried-and-true strategies for boosting employee engagement in meetings. Here's a look at six of these strategies and how you can use them to connect with your workers like never before.

1. Set an Agenda Create a plan for your meeting and share it with your workers in advance. Your agenda should outline the topics you want to discuss during your meeting. It can also include a rough timeline for going over these topics. Account for your workers as you put together your agenda. That way, you can make sure that your employees have plenty of time to share their thoughts and opinions during the session.

2. Find a Reason to Celebrate Employee recognition can make a world of difference relative to worker engagement, according to research. With each meeting, take some time to recognize the hard work and dedication of your workers. For instance, you can highlight an employee's work anniversary. Or, you can share details about how your company achieved a revenue milestone. By celebrating your workforce, you can show your employees that they are contributing to your business' success. This can drive engagement, since workers will be able to see that you recognize their efforts.

3. Host Different Types of Meetings Use a combination of on-site and remote meetings. Additionally, host your meetings at different times and include a wide range of employees in these sessions. Using a variety of meetings can break up the monotony of a typical workweek. When you schedule your meetings at different times and include a myriad of employees, you can make each session unique. The result: your employees can gather and make the most of their time together. Plus, you can take employee engagement during your meetings to the next level.

4. Provide Snacks Pick up snacks and drinks that workers can enjoy during your meeting. You can even encourage workers to prepare their favorite snacks for your meetings. Then, your employees can share their snacks with one another. This can lead to positive workplace relationships.

5. Set Goals At the end of each meeting, you should have actionable measures in place for you and your team. You can track the progress of your goals in the days or weeks that follow your meeting. At your next meeting, you can share your results with your employees. This allows workers to see if your business is staying on track with accomplishing its goals.

6. Follow Up with Participants Reach out to workers in the days after your meeting. You can let your workers know to share any post-meeting concerns or questions with you. On top of that, you can encourage your workers to share feedback about your meeting. At this point, you can get insights that you can use to boost employee engagement during future meetings.

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