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Feeling Overwhelmed at Work? Here's How You Can Tell Your Boss

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Burnout is a serious problem for workers globally, but employees often try to ignore the feelings that lead to burnout before it's too late.

Remember, the longer you feel overwhelmed at work, the more difficult it can become to deal with your feelings. If you do not address your feelings, you are prone to burnout, which can negatively affect you, your coworkers, and your entire company.

If you feel overwhelmed at work, you should discuss how you feel with your boss. Yet, sharing your feelings with your boss can be challenging, and the mere thought of doing so may even cause you to feel more overwhelmed than ever before.

For those who want to tell their boss that they feel overwhelmed at work, here's what you should do:

1. Think About Why You Feel the Way You Do

Consider the work challenges you face and how they affect you. It may be beneficial to write down common work problems that cause you to feel overwhelmed. You should also consider any personal issues that may be impacting your ability to perform your job effectively. Once you know the challenges you face and their impact, you can describe them to your boss.

2. Meet with Your Boss Via an In-Person Meeting or Video Chat

Let your boss know that you want to meet with him or her to discuss how you feel at work. Use an email or phone call to set up an in-person meeting or a video chat with your boss. When you request a meeting with your boss, let him or her know that you'd like to meet one-on-one. You should indicate that the issue is urgent and requires his or her undivided attention, too.

3. Be Honest with Your Boss

Be upfront and forthright about how you feel. Recognize that burnout is a common problem, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to resolve it. But, by sharing your feelings with your boss, you can work with him or her to manage your feelings and avoid long-lasting burnout.

4. Develop an Action Plan

Collaborate with your boss and work with him or her to take actionable steps to minimize stress, anxiety, and other issues that otherwise contribute to burnout. Implement the plan after you meet with your boss and monitor your progress. If you encounter any challenges along the way, notify your boss. Also, set up follow-up meetings with your boss, so you can share status updates with him or her.

There is no need to feel burned out at work. If you meet with your boss, you can alleviate symptoms of burnout before they escalate. Best of all, you can work toward feeling your best once again and minimize the risk of burnout going forward.

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