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How Often Should I Survey My Employees?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

1. How Workers Feel About Your Business You can check the pulse of your workforce and see what your employees have to say about your business. This gives you a glimpse into employee satisfaction. From here, you can make improvements across your operations.

2. Your Business' Culture With questionnaires, you can find out if your company's culture aligns with its mission and values. You can also understand if your business promotes a culture of inclusion and diversity. This allows you to deliver a culture that hits the mark with your workforce moving forward.

3. Your Company's Success Ultimately, your business' success is based on how well your employees perform. If workers are unhappy in their jobs, your company is ill-equipped to achieve its goals. However, by surveying your employees, you can find out how your company can help them thrive. The result: you can support your workers like never before, leading to long-lasting business growth.

How to Survey Your Employees If you want to survey your employees, you need to plan ahead. This requires you to consider what insights you want to obtain. It also involves putting together a list of questions for your assessment. With questions at your disposal, you can administer your questionnaire. Oftentimes, it helps to provide a survey via email. This enables workers to access and complete the survey at their convenience. Moreover, you can offer incentives to encourage workers to complete your evaluation. For example, an employee who submits their assessment can be entered into a drawing for a gift card or cash rewards. This can increase your chances of getting your entire workforce to participate in your assessment. Once your evaluation is complete, review the results carefully. You can use the results to enhance your business and keep your workers happy.

Survey Your Employees Regularly The benefits of surveying your employees can be significant. And the more often you request employee feedback, the more you can learn from your workers. Over time, you can use employee insights to help your company stand out from its competition. These insights can help your business attract and retain top talent, too. Of course, if you want help with talent recruitment, Ascend Staffing can assist. We are a professional staffing agency that puts your business' needs front and center. Our recruiters can learn about your company and its staffing requirements. We can then create a custom plan to help you identify and hire quality job candidates. Our recruiters are available to assist you in any way we can. For more information about our staffing services, please contact us today.


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