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Making Remote Meetings Effective

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

1. Invest in the Right Technologies Your remote meeting technologies should make it easy for workers to engage with one another. It would be best if you had technologies that workers would have no trouble learning and using. Also, your remote meeting tech should allow your workers to connect with one another from any location, at any time. Consider the technologies that your workers currently use day after day. For example, if your employees utilize their smartphones to make video calls and check their work emails, you can let them use remote meeting apps. This enables your workers to quickly and easily connect to remote meetings with the technology they already use.

2. Keep Your Remote Meetings Simple Your remote work meetings are important, and you want your employees to stay focused. Thus, you should conduct your meetings with your employees' needs top of mind. That way, you can stay on point throughout your meetings. Plus, you can ensure your meetings don't waste anyone's time. Whenever possible, set up an agenda prior to your remote work meetings and share it with your employees. This gives your workers insights into topics that will be discussed during the meeting. It also helps your employees prepare for meetings. With a remote meeting, give your workers opportunities to share their feedback and insights as well. Give your workers time to ask questions at the end of a meeting. This allows you to offer clarification and respond to any concerns your workers have about any meeting topics.

3. Treat Your Employees with Respect A remote meeting works the same way as an on-site one. The key difference is the fact that employees from around the world can join a remote meeting. Even though this meeting connects workers remotely, anyone who participates in it should be treated in the same way they would during any other meeting. In a remote meeting, allow your employees to speak when needed. You can encourage your workers to press the mute button, so other meeting participants won't hear them unless they are speaking. Also, if remote employees ask questions during a remote meeting, look directly into the camera as you respond to them. This shows employees you are listening to them, value what they have to say, and are providing them with a thoughtful response.

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