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Navigating Work Friendships On and Off the Clock

Work friendships can last a lifetime. How you foster these relationships is key. You want your friends to know you support them while you're on the clock. Meanwhile, you should also consider how you approach these friendships outside of work. That way, you and your friends can get the most out of your relationships both on and off the clock. 

How to Make Lasting Friendships with your Co-WorkersDon't expect work friendships to develop on their own. Like any relationship, you have to put in the effort. Here are tips to help you make friends at work.

1. Open the Lines of Communication

Take advantage of opportunities to connect with your peers. These opportunities may come on the way to or from work meetings, during lunch breaks, and at other times during your shift. Even taking a minute to introduce yourself to someone at work may be the beginning of a friendship. If you're open to engaging with co-workers, you may be able to build friendships with them. 

2. Go into the Office

If you work remotely, try to go into the office whenever possible. This allows you to engage with co-workers in person, and it may be easier to stir up instant conversations with peers at these times.  Of course, if going into the office isn't an option, you can still work on building work friendships. Set up social activities where you and your peers can enjoy time with one another. For example, you can schedule a remote meeting where you and your colleagues eat lunch together. You can also host trivia or other online activities. These things can help you bridge the gap with remote co-workers. They may help you make friends with workers across the country, too. 

3. Ask for and Offer Help

If you are struggling with a work task, reach out to a colleague for help. This creates an opportunity to engage with a peer. Once a colleague helps you, express gratitude. This may help you establish a solid foundation for a friendship.  Along with asking for help when needed, support your peers whenever you can. If a co-worker has a concern or question for you, address it as best as you can. By maintaining open and honest communication with your peers, you may be well-equipped to develop long-lasting friendships with them. 

Setting Boundaries for Work FriendshipsAs you build work friendships, you must be able to keep things professional. Otherwise, your friendships may interfere with your ability to get your job done. To establish a professional work friendship, set boundaries. Be honest with your friends about your relationship, and encourage them to be honest with you. Together, you and your friend can remain productive at work without compromising your friendship.  Any time you and your work friend encounter a roadblock, discuss it. You and your friend can learn about each other's point of view and why you may not be able to agree on a particular topic. Ideally, you and your friend may be able to find common ground to resolve your conflict. And this can help keep your friendship going strong. 

Want to Build Work Friendships?At Ascend Staffing, we understand the value of work friendships. We can help you find a job where you can perform your best and enjoy your relationships with your co-workers. To get started, browse our job board today. 


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