Here’s What Your Business Needs to Know About Low Unemployment

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The economy and the job market are in constant flux. One minute (or more accurately, several months) the economy will be booming, and the next, it seems to be ice-cold. Compound that with talk low unemployment, and it can be enough to confuse even the savviest of business owners as to where their company stands.… Read More »

What You Could Be Missing Out on By NOT Working With a Staffing Agency

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So, you need to hire some employees? Maybe you are expanding, or perhaps it is only seasonable; however, regardless of the reason, you need some staff. What do you do?   From where I am sitting, you have two options. First, you could go the traditional route and post your job opening online and hope… Read More »

Why Managers Should Adapt a “Open Door” Policy in the Workplace

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Whether you are a first time manager or a seasoned veteran, maintaining a working, productive, and hardest of all, enjoyable manager/employee relationships are amongst the hardest around. However, it is far from impossible.   At some point in your career, you’ve probably been advised how to manage others. Some of it may have been good,… Read More »

4 Tips For People Who Continuously Mess Up Interviews

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Ask anyone, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want a “great job.” And while the definition of a great job may vary from person to person – higher pay, more vacation, better duties – they all have one thing in common; you need to be able to get the job, first.… Read More »