The Power of Loyalty: How to Build a Loyal and Engaged Workforce

The Power of Loyalty: How to Build a Loyal and Engaged Workforce 1

The power of loyalty is significant in today’s business world. Your company wants loyal employees. However, building a loyal and engaged workforce requires hard work and patience. If you’re not careful, your employees may look elsewhere to grow their careers. This can cause you to lose top talent to your rivals. With the right approach,… Read More »

7 Strategies for Navigating the Light Industrial Labor Shortage

7 Strategies for Navigating the Light Industrial Labor Shortage 3

The light industrial labor shortage is causing big problems for many manufacturers. It could wreak havoc on manufacturers in the years to come, too. Research shows 2.1 million manufacturing jobs could go unfilled by 2030. These unstaffed jobs could cost manufacturers $1 trillion in 2030 as well. What You Can Do to Navigate the Light… Read More »

8 Employee Engagement Ideas

8 Employee Engagement Ideas 5

How your business engages its employees can make a difference relative to talent recruitment and retention. With the right employee engagement ideas, you are well-equipped to keep your workers happy. Most importantly, you can help your employees thrive now and in the future. There Are Many Employee Engagement Ideas That Deliver Proven Results, Including: 1.… Read More »

Quiet Quitting: What Is It and How to Manage It

Quiet Quitting: What Is It and How to Manage It 7

Many employees have begun speaking out about “quiet quitting.” Meanwhile, businesses must plan accordingly. If companies cannot fulfill employee expectations, they risk losing top talent to industry rivals. Or, these businesses may find quiet quitting becomes increasingly common across their respective workforces. To understand quiet quitting and its impact on businesses, let’s answer some of… Read More »

3 Reasons to Encourage Employees to Take PTO

3 Reasons to Encourage Employees to Take PTO 8

Your employees have earned paid time off — and they deserve to use it. In fact, your company can encourage its employees to take PTO. And you may reap the benefits of doing so long into the future. Why Should You Encourage Your Employees to Take PTO? 1. You Can Help Your Employees Take Care… Read More »

Help Your Employees Set and Reach Purposeful Goals

Welder man smiling at his job

You want your employees to perform at peak levels. To achieve your desired result, help your workers set and reach purposeful goals. Goal-setting can have far-flung effects on your workforce. It encourages workers to give their all to help your company grow. Also, goal-setting empowers employees to build their skills and move forward in their… Read More »

Why It Is Important to Be Transparent with Your Employees

group meeting in front of a white board

You want your employees to feel good about your business — that way, your workers will do their part to help your company succeed. If you are transparent about your business and what it is all about, your workers may feel more confident about your company than ever before. In fact, there are many reasons why it is important to… Read More »

How to Staff Up for the Summer Season

Associate sitting on a bench in the sunshine

Now is a great time to consider your company’s summer staffing needs. That way, you can kick off a search for talented candidates to fill summer roles across your business — and put your company in a position for a successful summer.   To staff up for summer, here’s what you need to do:  1. Find Local Candidates  Local candidates won’t have to commute… Read More »

Work-Life Balance: Why It’s Critical to Employee Retention

Father playing w/ his son

Work-life balance, i.e. equilibrium between your everyday work activities and personal life, is paramount. Yet, some companies ignore work-life balance. The result: these companies struggle to attract and retain top talent.   If your company encourages employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance, it boosts the likelihood of developing and maintaining an engaged workforce. Since workers can enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest extent, they will be motivated… Read More »