Format Your Resume the Right Way

Format Your Resume the Right Way 1

You can format your resume in many ways. Regardless, you need to choose a formatting option that works best for you. Typically, the best way to format your resume depends on the job you want to land and other factors. Yet, if you understand the ins and out of different resume formats, you can select… Read More »

How to Put in Your Notice Without Burning Bridges

How to Put in Your Notice Without Burning Bridges 2

You have accepted a new job and are excited about the opportunity. Yet, you still need to put in your notice with your current employer. And doing so can be a stressful and exhausting experience. It pays to plan ahead for how you’ll put in your notice. That way, you can notify your present employer… Read More »

Red Flags That Could Mean a Candidate Is Lying on Their Resume

Scissors cutting a red ribbon

You may believe you have found the perfect candidate to fill a role with your company. But, upon close examination of this candidate’s resume, you may find many red flags.   Ultimately, it is your responsibility to conduct a thorough evaluation of a job candidate’s background, expertise, and industry experience. Following this evaluation, you can decide to… Read More »

5 Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job

Man looking into the camera with a workplace behind him

You feel satisfied with your current job, but there may be warning signs that your position does not fulfill your career aspirations. If this is the case, you need to quickly identify these warning signs. That way, you can begin a search for a new job that allows you to achieve your career goals.   There are many signs that… Read More »

How to Learn from a Job Rejection and Move Past It

Person with their face in their hands

Let’s face it — no one enjoys going through the job interview process, only to be rejected by a potential employer. A job rejection can be frustrating, disheartening, and disappointing. Yet, despite your best efforts, a job rejection is sometimes unavoidable, and you need to learn to deal with it and move past it.   With… Read More »

What Should You Wear to Your General Labor Job Interview?

Man in a suit store

A general labor job interview may seem intimidating, even if you possess the skills and education to thrive in a particular role. In fact, some job seekers worry about what to wear when they interview for a blue-collar job — and perhaps it is easy to understand why. When it comes to a job interview,… Read More »