Are You Lifting Correctly? What You Need to Know

Are You Lifting Correctly? What You Need to Know 1

Light industrial and manufacturing workers may be required to lift heavy loads. Yet, these workers need to ensure they are lifting correctly. Otherwise, they are susceptible to muscle strains, back pain, and other injuries. How Lifting Correctly Can Help You Avoid Workplace Injuries Lifting correctly is simple, effective, and safe. Once you learn how to… Read More »

Recession-Proof Hiring Strategies for Light Industrial Hiring Managers

man in an orange industrial vest shaking hands with a man in a business suit

Light industrial hiring managers face an uphill climb to recruit and retain top talent, particularly in the midst of a global economic recession. But, with the right hiring strategy, you can continuously attract skilled professionals to your team.    There are several hiring strategies that can work well for light industrial organizations. These strategies include:    1. Contingency Planning  … Read More »