How to Use AI for Successful Candidate Sourcing

How to Use AI for Successful Candidate Sourcing 1

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a must-have for businesses in search of top talent. With AI for candidate sourcing, you may be able to reduce your time to hire, save money, and more.  Getting started with AI for candidate sourcing may seem difficult. Fortunately, you can instantly integrate this technology into your talent recruitment… Read More »

Making Remote Meetings Effective

Making Remote Meetings Effective 2

You frequently host remote meetings — and want to make the most of them. To achieve your goal, it pays to plan ahead. Once you figure out how to manage your remote meetings, you can make them more effective than ever before. The result: your workers can get the most value out of your remote… Read More »

Using a Personal Device for Work? How to Protect Your Data

Man with glasses trying to find a job opportunity

Your personal device helps you stay on track at work. But, if you don’t protect your data properly, serious problems could arise. Without adequate data protection on your personal device, you are susceptible to a data breach. If a cybercriminal compromises your device, this individual can access any information stored on it. Plus, the criminal… Read More »