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4 Ways to Make a Job More Appealing

Updated: 3 days ago

You can ask any hiring manager, and they will tell you that finding good people to do honest work is easier said than done. However, while most would agree that finding the right person for your average job is hard, trying to find someone to do a less than desirable or boring job can be downright impossible.

Yes, no matter how advanced we get and how far we come, the simple fact remains that there will almost certainly always be those hard to fill jobs - despite how much they need to be filled. So, what do you do?

Glad you asked, because today, we are going to teach you how to make any job - especially the boring ones - sound a lot better than they are so that you can get the candidates you want, and more importantly, need.

Focus on what’s best about the job

While not every position can be the glitz and glam a candidate would love, the reality is, even the worst, most boring jobs have a few good qualities. And it is those that you are going to want to focus on. For example, perhaps you are sourcing for a rather dull, monotonous type job; however, the compensation and the benefits are above the industry average - try opening with that!

Think broad and think impact

Every company does something. Maybe they make something or perhaps the service something; however, while not always the most exciting, usually, every position can be spun as being a part of something bigger and better. Let’s take, for example, a position at a warehouse distribution center. No matter what the actual job is, you can say something like “be a part of a team that meets consumer demand and keeps the economy moving.” Get creative, but always remember to be factual.

Talk about job security

The job market is a scary place, and for many, the fear of turnover and losing a job can be a great deterrent from applying in the first place. So, try and position your organization as stable, reliable, and one with a good growth trajectory and/or a history of success. People are concerned with stability, and if you and your organization can provide that to them, you’d be amazed at how many openings you’ll be able to fill.

Talk about the people

Do you work with a great team? Is there a lot of fun in your organization on top of getting a lot of work done? If so, then we’d highly recommending highlighting that in the job description. Everybody wants to work with good people, and at the end of the day, if you can provide them with this and all of the aforementioned points, you’ll be amazed at how many qualified candidates will come knocking.

Have a role that seems impossible to fill? Don’t worry - we have you covered. Contact Ascend Staffing today and discover the difference that working with an experienced professional can provide.


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