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5 Job Description Red Flags You Need to Know About

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You want a job that leads to a rewarding career. As such, you search far and wide for work. You may encounter many job descriptions as you pursue your dream role. And you may find many job description red flags, too.

Ultimately, you need to keep an eye out for job description red flags. If you cannot identify them, you risk applying for jobs that fall short of your expectations. Even worse, you may inadvertently accept a job that hampers your career growth.

Here are five job description red flags you need to know about — and what to do if you encounter them.

1. Few Details About a Job

A vague job description won't do you any favors. The description likely provides little to no relevant information about what to expect from a role. It can also leave you with more questions than answers.

When faced with a vague job description, reach out to the employer that provided it. From here, you can get insights into a job and the duties associated with it.

2. Too Many Requirements

Some businesses want job candidates who can do it all — literally. In these instances, companies will have a long list of job requirements. They expect a job candidate to be able to perform every duty, every day as well.

You can still submit a resume for a job, even if you don't meet all of its requirements. However, if the number of requirements for a role seem like too much to handle, you may want to look elsewhere for work. At this point, you can find a job with requirements that align with your skills and experience.

3. Sole Focus on What a Company Wants

The best companies want to provide great work environments and experiences for their employees. If a job description shows only what a business wants, the company probably puts its employees' needs below its own interests.

For those who encounter a job description with a company-centric focus, you may want to move past it. In doing so, you can find a company that appreciates its workers and all that they bring to the table.

4. Mentions of "Earning Potential"

The phrase "earning potential" in a job description leaves room for interpretation. And it may indicate that the starting salary associated with a job is lower than average.

Generally, the top companies include details about a starting salary in a job description. If this information is missing from a description, you may want to consider other job opportunities. Then, you can find a job with a salary commensurate with your requirements.

5. Signs of Poor Work-Life Balance

A company can let job candidates that it expects them to work overtime. The business can include this information in a job description. But doing so indicates a company is unlikely to prioritize helping workers maintain a healthy work-life balance.

If a job description makes a role seem like more trouble than the position is worth, continue your pursuit of your dream job. Because no one should settle for a job that puts their work-life balance in danger.

Avoid Job Description Red Flags with Help from Ascend Staffing

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