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Ace Your Next Interview with These 5 Tips

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

1. Conduct Plenty of Research Take a look at the company's website and re-read the job description prior to your meeting. In addition, search for information about your interviewer online. You can also visit Glassdoor and Indeed to find out what past and current employees are saying about the business. It is beneficial to prepare as much as possible before you meet with your interviewer. This can help you become more comfortable with the company and your interviewer. Plus, it can help you develop a list of questions to ask during your interview.

2. Perform a Mock Interview Ask a family member or friend to help you get ready. At this time, your family member or friend can pretend to be your interviewer and share some of the most common interview questions with you. A mock interview helps you determine how you'll respond to various questions. From here, you'll be more confident once you meet with your interviewer.

3. Choose the Right Apparel and Accessories Select clothing and accessories that align with the company and job. Oftentimes, it is beneficial to wear neutral colors and dress in formal or business casual apparel. You should avoid wearing any accessories that can be distracting as well.

4. Arrive on Time Plan ahead so you'll reach your interview on time. If you are meeting with your interviewer remotely, ensure your computer or mobile device is set up properly in advance. And if you are meeting with your interviewer in person, map out your commute.

5. Listen to Your Interviewer Let your interviewer speak and listen to what he or she has to say. When your interviewer asks you a question, consider it carefully, then respond. If you need clarification regarding a question, let your interviewer know. Lastly, send a thank-you email to your interviewer within 24 hours of your meeting. The email can be brief and lets you thank the interviewer for their time. If you send this email and don't hear back from your interviewer within about a week, follow up with him or her once again.

Ace Your Next Interview with Help from Ascend Staffing At Ascend Staffing, we understand interviewing for a job can be challenging. Fortunately, we offer tips and guidance to help you make a positive impression during your next interview. Our team can also put you in contact with top businesses in your industry. In doing so, we can help you take the next step forward in your career. Our professional recruiters can assist you as you search for jobs and conduct interviews. And for more information about our job openings, check out our job board today.


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