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Add Value to Your Team by Working with a Staffing Agency

Updated: 3 days ago

Your company wants to hire top talent, but other businesses in your industry have the same goal. However, if your business works with a staffing agency, it can get expert help in its quest to add skilled professionals.

A staffing agency provides a valuable addition to your team. With a staffing agency at your disposal, you can:

1. Accelerate the Hiring Process

Hiring a top candidate to join your team can be time-consuming. First, you need to put together a job description that outlines what you want to find in your ideal applicant. You then need to publish your listing, share it, and identify potential candidates. Next, you need to conduct candidate interviews, contact candidate references and perform candidate testing. Once you complete these steps, you can submit an offer to your desired candidate — and hope you receive an immediate yes.

A staffing agency speeds up the process of identifying skilled candidates. It helps you define your job expectations, as well as vet candidates for a position. Finally, when you find the right candidate, a staffing agency can help you put together a competitive offer so you can add a quality candidate to your team.

2. Boost Your Productivity

You have limited resources and want to make the most of them. Otherwise, your business risks falling behind rivals in a fierce global marketplace. Your company could also miss out on opportunities to generate sales leads and attract new customers.

A staffing agency ensures you can add difference-makers to your team. The agency identifies exceptional candidates who know the ins and outs of your industry and can hit the ground running on day one at your company. As a result, a staffing agency can help your company boost its productivity and grow its revenues.

3. Extend Your Recruitment Reach

Your goal is to find outstanding candidates as quickly as possible. Yet, your company only has a few HR professionals on staff who can recruit candidates. In addition to talent recruitment, these HR professionals are responsible for handling employee payroll, benefits and training, too. Thus, your company's HR professionals may struggle to find the time to proactively add talent to your team.

A staffing agency takes a proactive approach to employee recruitment. The agency works diligently on your behalf and enables your business to engage with a wide range of talented candidates. In doing so, a staffing agency extends your recruitment reach and allows you to quickly and effortlessly connect with superb candidates who can fill various roles within your business.

Attract Top Talent with Ascend Staffing

Want to add talent across your team? Contact Ascend Staffing today to learn how we can help you attract, recruit and retain top talent.


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