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How to Combat Candidate Ghosting

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

"Candidate ghosting" is a new trend that is making it tough for employers to hire qualified professionals. When a candidate ghosts a company, he or she stops responding to any calls, emails, or texts. The result: the business misses out on an opportunity to add a skilled professional to their team — and likely has no idea why the candidate chose to look elsewhere for their dream job.

Businesses of all sizes and across all industries should be concerned about candidate ghosting. But, if you provide candidates with exceptional experiences throughout the hiring process, you're well-equipped to avoid candidate ghosting now and in the future.

Here are four tips you can use to combat candidate ghosting.

1. Share Your Hiring Timeline

Be clear and direct with a candidate about your hiring timeline. Let the candidate know the steps you intend to take as you try to fill a vacancy. Also, take time to respond to any of the candidate's hiring timeline concerns or questions.

Transparency is key, particularly for a business that wants to minimize the risk of candidate ghosting. If you are transparent about your hiring process, you can ensure a candidate knows exactly what to expect as you navigate this process.

2. Prioritize Personalization

Give candidates plenty of opportunities to engage with your business. This may seem difficult, due to the fact that limited time and resources are available. However, if you personalize the hiring process, you can make it simple for candidates to connect with your company.

Oftentimes, it helps to let a candidate meet with different members of your team, so he or she can get a good idea about what it is like to work with your business. You can also forgo pre-recorded videos and other impersonal interview methods, as these may inadvertently alienate candidates.

3. Offer Professional Development Opportunities

Highlight your company's professional development opportunities to a candidate. Many businesses may offer a high annual salary or other standard perks, but your company can stand out if it shows a candidate you can help him or her build a successful career.

The top candidates want opportunities to continuously develop and enhance their skill sets. By emphasizing your company's ability to offer professional development opportunities, a candidate will see that you view him or her as a long-term contributor to your business' success.

4. Send Out an Offer Letter Right Away

Don't wait to send an offer letter to a candidate. Once you identify the right candidate for a particular role, let the candidate know you want him or her to join your team.

The longer you wait to send an offer letter to a candidate, the more likely it becomes that he or she will pursue other opportunities. So, be proactive and send an offer letter to a candidate as soon as you finish the interview process.

Want to Avoid Candidate Ghosting? Ascend Staffing Can Help

At Ascend Staffing, we want to do everything possible to help you avoid candidate ghosting, and we can put you in touch with exceptional candidates to fill various roles across your business. To learn more, please contact us today.  


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