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How to Educate Your Workforce on Safety so it Sticks

Updated: May 22

Lower insurance premiums, less productivity loss due to illness or injury, higher employee satisfaction, and future incident prevention are just a few of the benefits that come with a safe workplace.

While it is easy for management to create and implement a safety program, it’s difficult to educate your workforce about why it’s important. After all, safety programs are in place to protect the people who make your business happen – your employees.

Below, we’ll discuss the best ways to create education around safety training that will make an impact on your employees, so they work safely every day.


When educating your teams on safety at work, it is always best to identify the areas that need to be addressed and to enter the discussion with a clear plan of what you want to be accomplished.


It is always best to involve all stakeholders when it comes to safety. Seek input during the developing, implementing and optimizing of the training program. Don’t forget to check OSHA for resources and call in certified OSHA trainers if you need assistance.

Top-Down Training

Train your directors, managers, and supervisors on what the guidelines are and what is expected of the staff. This will not only help in ushering in the program but can help you keep an eye on how well (or not well) things are going.

Open Communication

Anytime you are trying something new that will impact the whole organization, and it is always advantageous to allow for feedback and communication. Safety is an evolving issue, and as time progresses, plans and rules will need to be altered and augmented. Conduct a survey, have your managers ask their teams, and create a central email or safety-board where employees can voice their thoughts as well as learn valuable information.

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