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How to Fill Job Roles in Remote Locations

Updated: May 22

You have a business - and a damn good one, in your opinion. You’ve got a reliable product or service and customers ready to go. The only thing missing is the right staff to help bring it all together. How hard can it be, right? Oh, and we forget to mention - your business is in a remote location.

When it comes to filling roles, location does play an important factor. Actors will always flock to NYC and LA, and the tech world will find their way to San Francisco or Silicon Valley, but what about the smaller, less known, and more obscure places. How do you find the right staff?

First, rest assured, it can be done. Secondly, we are going to tell you exactly how to do it. So sit back, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to make a note of these fantastic tips that will help you fill job openings in remote locations.

Check the local market

Before you begin a nationwide search for, it is always wise to assess the local market for the talent you are looking for. Although the location of your venture might not be the largest or the most densely populated, you’d be amazed at what skillsets might be available to you already - you just need to look.

Promote what’s best about where you are

Generally speaking, there are redeeming qualities and something to brag about when talking about any location - regardless of how obscure. Are you located in the country? Position it as being close to nature, or a nature lovers dream. A small population in the town or city? Refer to it as a quaint and close-knit community. When you put the best foot forward of your location, you’ll increase your chances of finding the candidates who might just be looking for exactly what (and where) you are offering.

Do they “really” have to be on-site?

We live in a modern world, one where the need for staff to physically be at a specific location to do their job is quickly becoming negotiable. Now, of course, this does not apply to every position, especially the ones where physical, on-site labor is primarily the job. Still, when it comes to things like administrative work, all that is required is a computer, an internet connection, and the desire to work.

Match the pay of the big city

When it comes to work, many people are more concerned about fair wages than they are about location. So if you are looking to attract talent away from bigger cities, you better be prepared to offer competitive salaries. You can also make the job more attractive by positioning the wages of the big city with the cost of living in a small town.

Are you looking to hire the right staff but aren’t having any luck? We can help. Contact Ascend Staffing today and discover how easy it can be with an experienced staffing professional.


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