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How to Prepare for an Interview With a Staffing Agency

Updated: 3 days ago

Know what type of work you want While an agency is a great place to discuss your options, many of them specialize and offer different types of work: seasonal, temporary, temporary-to-hire and a plethora in between. Knowing what you want – whether it’s to earn some extra cash, a new full-time job, or something to help supplement your current income – can make both you and the recruiters lives easier.

Be prepared to answer questions More specifically; two types of questions. First, your interviewer will likely be interested in where your expertise and experience lay. This will give them an idea of where you might best be suited. Second, they will want to know where YOU feel you will be a good fit. Often people approach agencies to try something new, and when you can convey this information accurately to a recruiter, it becomes much easier for them to align your skill set with your next opportunity.

Be diligent and honest with your other job searches First, there is nothing wrong with approaching more than one agency on your hunt for a job. However, keep track of who you are working with and where you have already applied as this can avoid a conflict of interest and do wonders to impress the recruiter you are working with.

Keep an open mind Although you likely know, or at least have a general idea of what type of work you’d like to do, we recommend keeping an open mind to possible suggestions or opportunities that recruiters might float your way. The truth is they are professionals and could possibly help you move in an exciting new direction you’d never thought of.

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