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How to Respond If Your Employee Shares a Mental Health Challenge

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

1. Follow Up with Open-Ended Questions Use open-ended questions to learn more about the employee and their mental health challenge. These questions can give you insights into how the employee manages this challenge in their day-to-day work. Plus, you can get information that may enable you to provide accommodations to help the employee. If you ask questions, do not make judgments when you respond. Instead, make observations to show the employee you are listening and want to help them. You can also provide action steps and define ways you can assist the worker moving forward.

2. Establish and Maintain Boundaries Give your workers the space to share information about their mental health challenges. At the same time, remember you can only do so much for your workers. Keep boundaries with workers, to the point where you can continue to help them. If you feel uncomfortable and believe an employee has crossed a boundary, let the worker know that you can help this individual get help with their mental health challenge. For example, instead of recommending ways an employee can try to improve their mental well-being, you may encourage the worker to meet with a licensed mental health counselor. You can even provide the worker with tools and resources so this individual can access the counselor. With this guidance, you can maintain a boundary and help the employee explore ways to improve their mental health.

3. Remain Accessible Encourage your workers to share any concerns or questions they have with you. You can let workers engage with you in person, over the phone, or through video calls. Provide your workers with many ways to reach you, and they may be more inclined than ever before to share mental health challenges with you. Keep your workers up to date on mental health tools and resources that are available as well. You can give your workers information about how to access and use these tools and resources. Then, your workers have the ability to utilize these tools and resources as needed.

Be Patient and Empathetic When an Employee Shares a Mental Health Challenge with You Mental health challenges affect people in many different ways. If an employee shares a mental health challenge, consider their point of view. When you do, you can put yourself in your employee's shoes and help this individual figure out what to do from here. At Ascend Staffing, we understand the importance of mental well-being. If your company offers mental health tools and resources to your employees, you are well equipped to help these workers address any mental health challenges that come their way. We can also help you promote your company and all of the mental health tools and resources you offer to your workers. To learn more about us and our staffing services, please contact us today.


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