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Learn How to Turn Around Low Employee Morale

Updated: May 22

Low employee morale can be contagious, and it sometimes prevents workers from maximizing their potential. If this problem persists, your company may suffer long-term damage to its workplace culture — something that makes it tough for your business to accomplish its goals.

You need to address low employee morale right away — because the longer this issue lingers, the more likely it becomes that it will impact all employees, at all levels of your company. Thankfully, there are several things that you can do to turn around low employee morale, such as:

1. Recognize Staff Accomplishments

Identify opportunities to recognize employee achievements — and capitalize on these opportunities as frequently as possible. For instance, an employee who submits an assignment on deadline that matches a client's expectations deserves a friendly reminder that he or she is a valuable contributor to your team. Or, if an employee consistently finds ways to go above and beyond the call of duty, you can highlight his or her contributions in front of peers and superiors alike.

2. Open the Lines of Communication

Low employee morale may be an elephant in the room that no one wants to address. Yet opening the lines of communication encourages employees to address low energy across a workforce and work together to address this problem. Plus, if you maintain honest communication with your employees, you'll show them that you care. As a result, you can set the stage for long-lasting employee partnerships built on trust and respect.

3. Embrace Random Acts of Kindness

All work and no play may seem like standard protocol for some businesses — but not yours. With random acts of kindness, you can brighten up any workday for your employees. Random acts of kindness can include anything from bringing coffee and bagels for your team on a Monday morning to providing personalized gifts to show your appreciation to your staff. By performing random acts of kindness at different times during the year, you can inject energy and positivity into any workday.

4. Lead the Way

A positive attitude goes a long way toward disrupting low employee morale. Thus, if you bring a positive attitude to work every day, you can help others feel better about themselves. Over time, your positivity can spread across your workforce, leading to a positive workplace culture and a work environment where productivity and efficiency reign supreme.

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