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Looking to Hire a Recent Graduate?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

The appeal of hiring recent graduates is all too apparent: They are less expensive than more seasoned staff, they are easy to mould to fit the company culture, they provide fresh perspectives, and they are hungry. However, much like the job market can be tough for employees looking for work, the same can be said for companies trying to snatch up fresh grads.  

So how can you help ensure your place of business is able to successfully recruit this highly sought after demographic?  

Forget About Unpaid Internships 

If there is one thing a recent grad wants is a job that pays, which means offering an unpaid internship is an unlikely method for getting talent; at least, good talent. Instead, offer a full-time, paid position. If your goals are long-term and you are looking to find candidates that will grow within your organization, it is best to start the relationship off right, and that includes compensation.

Spend Time on Creating a Great Job Description 

How will the majority of recent grads know that you are hiring? Chances are it will be on the internet and through a job posting, which means that your job description will likely be their first point of contact. Try and avoid using buzzwords or ultra-specific industry terms that only experienced candidates would be familiar with. You want recent grads to feel at ease, comfortable, and most importantly, interested - which is hard to do when they can’t understand what they are applying for.

Start Early and Talk to Professors 

If you are looking for an inside edge on getting top grads as soon as they become available, we’d recommend starting early and going to the source; or rather, their teachers. By building a relationship with the professors of students who are studying in fields related to your business, you’d be amazed at how helpful a little recommendation from a teacher can be and how they can help you sort through candidates to choose the best even before they become candidates.

Think Long Term 

Retention of good employees is vital in every business; however, moulding and retaining recent grads for longterm success is even better. Make sure that your potential new hires see the big picture and believe that there is a career path in what you offer them. School can be hard and knowing that you might just have a good career plan ahead of you can make a big difference when selecting that first post-graduation job.

Ready to Find Great Candidates? Contact Ascend Staffing!

Looking to grow your business but can find the right talent to make it a reality? Contact Ascend Staffing and let us provide you with the ideal candidates that will make a difference in your organization.  


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