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Most In-Demand Jobs of 2022 (and How to Find Them)

Updated: 3 days ago

You want a new job in 2022. At this point, it pays to know the most in-demand jobs. That way, you can tailor your job search accordingly. Plus, you can position yourself to land a great job that leads to a rewarding career.

Now, let's look at three of the most in-demand jobs of 2022 — and how to find them.

1. Healthcare Support

There is no shortage of healthcare support jobs available in cities and towns across the United States. These jobs include:

  1. Physical therapist assistant

  2. Prosthetist

  3. Home health aide

  4. Personal care aide

  5. Dental hygienist

To pursue a healthcare support job, you first need to consider what you want to accomplish in your career. From here, you can enroll in an educational program that aligns with your career expectations.

As you complete a healthcare support training program, you can build your skillset. Over time, you can earn certifications and degrees that help you stand out from other healthcare support job candidates. Ultimately, you can land a healthcare support job that meets your requirements, too.

2. General Maintenance and Repair

General maintenance and repair professionals are key contributors at a wide range of businesses. These professionals fix and maintain machinery, mechanical equipment, and buildings. Meanwhile, general maintenance and repair roles usually require only a high school diploma.

If you are interested in general maintenance and repair jobs, look online. Conduct an online search for general maintenance and repair jobs close to home. In addition, you can extend your job search to LinkedIn and other social networks.

Of course, it pays to fine-tune your resume. Before you submit your resume for a general maintenance and repair job, evaluate the qualifications required for the role. Next, update your resume and ensure it matches these qualifications. This can help you distinguish your resume from others. And it can help you secure the general maintenance and repair role of your choice.

3. Business and Financial Operations

Accountants, budget analytics, and other business and financial operations professionals are in high demand. Furthermore, these professionals typically earn an annual salary that is higher than the national average. If you pursue business and financial operations roles, you may be able to land a lucrative yearly salary.

To secure a business and financial operations job, you need proper training. Oftentimes, it helps to complete a certification or degree program. You can sign up for business and financial operations classes online. Moreover, you can sign up for business and financial operations workshops and seminars.

Pursue the Most In-Demand Jobs in 2022

It's an excellent time to start pursuing the most in-demand jobs. As you conduct your job search, plan ahead. And if you need assistance as you seek out your dream job, Ascend Staffing can help.

We are a professional staffing agency that can help you identify and land your ideal job. Our team can work with you and connect you with companies in search of top talent. To get started, explore our job board today!

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