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Mastering Professional Conversations on Compensation Concerns from Your Employees

You want your employees to feel valued. Yet, sometimes, you're forced to have difficult professional conversations on compensation concerns. In spite of the fact that you want your workers to maximize their earnings, you may be unable to offer them more money. Fortunately, with the right approach, you'll be able to handle these conversations well. Most importantly, you'll show your workers that you want to help them in any way you can. 

Here are Tips to Help you Master Professional Compensation Conversations With Your Employees:

1. Conduct Research 

Reassess your assumptions if an employee approaches you regarding their compensation. Instead, go into research mode. Find out if your worker is underpaid. To do so, conduct research in research that is paid to employees in similar roles across your industry. You can also get help from a staffing firm, which can give you insights into employee salaries. 

If a worker is underpaid, search for ways to bridge the gap. In cases where you can't offer more compensation, find out if a worker will consider extra time off or a flexible work schedule. Do everything you can to accommodate your worker. Even if you can't, you'll show you're doing whatever you can to assist your employees. 

In a situation where an employee's salary is on paid with others in their sector, share your research findings with the worker. Also, you can provide professional development opportunities whenever possible. These can help your employee climb the corporate ladder and boost their earnings. 

2. Perform a Fair Evaluation

Give your employee a fair shot to argue why they deserve more money. Listen to what your worker has to say about their salary. If you have concerns or questions, share them with the employee. 

When you evaluate a worker's salary, consult with multiple members of your team. You may find that many employees are underpaid. If so, this represents a bigger issue. And at this point, you can take steps to revamp your business' salary structure. 

3. Request Feedback

Find out how your employees view your company's salary structure. You can conduct periodic surveys to get insights into how workers feel about their compensation. These insights will help you ensure that your employees feel great about what they're paid. 

Employee compensation surveys give the results the attention they deserve. If there is a compensation problem, address it immediately. Otherwise, you risk losing employees who are not satisfied with their compensation to your industry rivals. 

The Bottom Line on Mastering Professional Conversations on Compensation Concerns

Professional conversations on compensation concerns may seem challenging at first. If you put your employees front and center, you can tackle these conversations with care. You'll be able to learn about your workers and how they view their salaries. Most importantly, you can work with your employees to address these concerns.

At Ascend Staffing, we'll help you identify top talent for your team. We can also work with you to ensure that your workers receive fair compensation. For more information, contact us today. 


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