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Red Flags That Could Mean a Candidate Is Lying on Their Resume

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

You may believe you have found the perfect candidate to fill a role with your company. But, upon close examination of this candidate's resume, you may find many red flags.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to conduct a thorough evaluation of a job candidate's background, expertise, and industry experience. Following this evaluation, you can decide to move forward with a candidate or remove him or her from consideration for a particular role.

Regardless of whether a job candidate proves to be a good fit for your company, the evaluation process is necessary to help minimize the risk of a poor hire and wasted time, energy, and resources. If you perform an in-depth review of a candidate's resume, you can see if there are any red flags and continue your talent search accordingly.

There are various red flags that may crop up on a job candidate's resume, such as:

1. Questionable Work History

A job candidate who quickly moves from position to position may be struggling to define their career path. This candidate may also be ill-suited to join your company and stay in one role for an extended period of time.

Ask a candidate about their work history as you evaluate their credentials. The candidate should be able to explain their full work history, along with why he or she left past roles. If the candidate cannot, you may want to move forward with other applicants.

2. Multiple Career Changes

A job candidate who has shifted from one career to another at multiple times in their lifetime is likely to raise questions. This candidate may still prove to be a great choice for your company, but he or she must be able to explain the reasons for past career changes.

Find out why a candidate decided to change their career path. This allows you to understand a candidate's reasoning behind their career changes. It can also help you determine if a candidate is inclined to settle into a role with your company.

3. No Work Samples

A job candidate may state that he or she can perform a wide range of work tasks. However, the candidate must be able to provide work samples upon request.

Request work samples as part of the interview process. If the candidate provides terrific samples, you're in good shape to add a quality professional to your team.

4. No ProfessionalReferences

A job candidate may decline to offer professional references or list friends and family members as references. In either of these instances, you need to dig deeper to find out if the candidate has professional references you can contact before you hire him or her.

Ask a candidate for professional references, even if they already seem like a wonderful choice for your company. Once you have these references, contact them to learn more about the candidate. Or, if the candidate cannot provide professional references, you may want to consider other applicants.

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