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Tips to Make Sure Your Social Media Accounts Are Pleasing to Future Employers

Updated: May 22

Here are four ways to make a good impression through your social channels:

Keep it professional.

You’ll want to make sure your social profiles present a clean, professional image when a hiring manager or department supervisor examines them. Look at your pages to make sure there’s nothing controversial or inappropriate that a potential employer could hold against you. If you’re not interested in cleaning up your personal profiles, ensure they’re set to “private” so that employers can’t see them.

Delete outdated profiles.

How many old social profiles do you have? Go through and delete old, outdated profiles so that hiring managers don’t come across a version of you that you don’t want out there. You don’t want an old profile that you don’t use anymore to create a representation of you that isn’t accurate. 

Maintain consistency.

Does your LinkedIn profile match your resume? If your work experience, education, or other areas of your profile don’t match your resume, employers will see it as a red flag. At best, they might assume you’re not detail-oriented or you’re too lazy to make sure your profiles and resume are kept up to date. At worst, they might assume you’re lying about your credentials or experience. But keeping everything consistent and accurate avoids the problem entirely.

Join relevant groups.

Savvy hiring managers might dig a little deeper and look at what groups you’re a part of on LinkedIn or Facebook. What do those groups say about you? When you join groups that are relevant to your field, it shows prospective employers that you’re passionate about your work and that you want to learn more and grow your skills. It’s a simple but effective way to put yourself ahead of the competition. 


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