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You'll Get: A Report of the Talent Acquisition Technology Landscape

You'll Get: Awareness of Internal & External Workforce Influences on TA

You'll Get: An In-depth Analysis of the Emerging Trends in Each Stage

You'll Get: Insight Into Tremendous TA Shifts Driven by Technology & the Economy

Industry Secrets to Navigating Talent Acquisition

Social Networks

Get your community, personalized experiences, and limitless growth opportunities on a dynamic platform.

Job Boards

Get innovative job boards and cutting-edge technologies designed to attract the ideal candidates for your organization's active roles.

Recruiter Marketplace

Get recruiter marketplaces as the modern solution for your business, sparking competition among various agencies to efficiently fill job vacancies.



This suite offers employers an edge in talent management with predictive HR analytics, efficient hiring marketplaces, targeted job advertising, resources for early career recruitment, peer referrals, and advanced networking platforms, enabling strategic growth in a competitive job market.

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Talent Magnet

Get the advantage in attracting top talent with our employer branding tool. Stand out through unique messaging and effective digital reputation management.

Recruitment Automation

Get software that streamlines candidate communication across channels like websites and social media, using AI for automated screening and scheduling.

This suite unites AI-powered communication software with employer branding tools, streamlining recruitment processes and boosting talent attraction and retention in a competitive market.

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Reference Solutions

Get digital solutions for recommendations and references, including efficient reference aggregators, background check tools, and onboarding systems.

Assessment Tech

Get technology that enables firms to screen for skills, cognitive abilities, and personality traits. Choose between skills-based and behavioral-based assessments for comprehensive candidate evaluation.

Workforce Insights

Get access to comprehensive workforce benchmarking data from firms in this sub-vertical. Discover insights on employment levels, pay rates, compensation trends, geographic movements, and skills demand.



This suite combines talent assessment technology, digital reference and background check tools, predictive workforce analytics, and automated interview software to streamline talent acquisition and management while offering valuable employment insights.

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Vendor Management

Get a system that tracks candidates throughout the application lifecycle, acting as a central hub for all your staffing technology and data.

People Analytics

Get software that gathers data from multiple systems, synthesizes it, and turns it into actionable insights for stakeholders.

This system unifies candidate tracking with data synthesis, serving as a hub for your tech stack while turning diverse data into actionable insights for streamlined talent management.

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