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3 Signs Your Team is Suffering From Burnout

Updated: 3 days ago

What do you do with a staff member who is acting a little negative, isn’t as productive as they once were, and overall disengaged? You lay down the law and hand out some disciple, right?


That is if this type of behavior is coming from a member of your team who is usually on top of their game. Because if that is the case, chances are they don’t need discipline. No, what is more likely going on is that they are burnt out.

Burn out can happen to even the best of staff members, and one thing you need to realize is that it isn’t their fault. However, not all the signs of burnout are clear cut or obvious. That is why today, we are going to dive into some of the signs to be on the lookout for that your employees are burnt out.

Looking and acting exhausted

Employees get tired. People, in general, get tired, but often that is the result of working. Long hours, challenging processes, and unexpected events that always seem to make their way into the workweek are something that most people are used to. But when that turns into prolonged signs of mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion, it should sound the alarm bells. Be on the lookout for weight loss, dark circles under the eyes, and ignoring their appearance. Check-in with your employees, and if you ask the right questions, you can prevent this before it happens.

More mistakes and mishaps

First off, nobody is perfect. What that means is that everyone makes mistakes at some point or another. However, when those mistakes start to happen more frequently, become more inexcusable, and begin to impact the work of others, you may want to take another look at what’s going on. When people are overly tired, they have a hard time concentrating, which can cause their productivity (and often safety) to go down. Be aware of this sign especially, as overlooking this one can be not only harmful to your employee but your team at large.

Increased Complaining

Not everybody is happy all the time. However, if you find that one of your staff is suddenly complaining a lot more about things that they never did before, it could be an indication of something else going on. This, of course, shouldn’t be taken that if and when one of your best employees suddenly lodges a complaint that you need to do something drastic, instead, generally speaking, most people don’t suddenly turn into a “complainer” overnight. That is unless there is something more going on below the surface.

Burnout can affect anyone, even your best and most seasoned employee. Knowing this, you must make an effort to recognize the signs before they become a problem. Your staff (and your bottom line) will thank you.

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