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5 Apps to Track the Productivity of Remote Employees

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Your business lets its employees work remotely. Although you trust your remote employees to get their jobs done from any location, you want to verify that your workers are staying on track with everyday tasks.

For today's businesses, many applications are available that let you monitor remote workers. These apps vary in terms of effectiveness and reliability. But, there are certain apps that have distinguished themselves as the cream of the crop for monitoring the productivity of remote employees.

Which Apps Are the Best for Monitoring the Productivity of Remote Employees?

Here are five of the top apps for tracking the productivity of remote staff members.

1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor lets you track all activity as soon as a remote worker logs into their operating system. The app enables you to monitor the amount of time that an employee spends on certain tasks, along with their keyboard and mouse activity. And, you can use the app to capture screenshots and screen videos, and other insights to help you see how a worker is using their time.

2. Toggl

In terms of remote worker time-tracking, Toggl offers exceptional results. Toggl takes the guesswork out of monitoring big and small remote work teams. The app is intended for users of all skill and experience levels. It allows you to track the time remote employees spend on various tasks via web, desktop, or mobile tools. Toggl even lets you monitor all remote worker data via a single, intuitive dashboard.

3. Timely

Thanks to Timely, you can automate time-tracking. Timely gives you access to real-time dashboards, reports, and notifications, so you can see what workers are doing at a moment's notice. Also, Timely allows you to track projects and the budgets, hours, and activities associated with them. You can use Timely to let your remote staff members track their own schedules as well.

4. Harvest

With Harvest, you can unlock the full potential of time-tracking. Harvest is designed for all types of businesses, empowering them with the ability to seamlessly track work schedules across their respective departments. The app lets you set up and stop work timers, create automated time-tracking reminders, and evaluate the time remote staff members complete tasks via desktop and mobile tools. It can be used in conjunction with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, too.

5. Everhour

Everhour simplifies time-tracking. The app provides instant access to insights that highlight how remote workers spend their days. It shows you when remote personnel are available and tracks team members' timesheets week after week. Furthermore, Everhour allows you to create time-tracking summary charts that you can use to find ways to optimize your workers' productivity.

Ready to Add to Your Team? Ascend Staffing Can Help

You can use any of the previously mentioned apps to monitor the productivity of your remote workers. In addition, if you want to add productive workers to your remote or in-house workforce, Ascend Staffing can help.

We are a professional staffing agency that can connect your business with top talent in a variety of sectors. To learn more, please contact us today.


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