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5 Summer Incentives for Your Employees

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

1. Half-Day Fridays Let your employees work half-days on Fridays. This gives your workers additional time to enjoy their Friday afternoons. Also, it allows your workers to kick off their weekend early. Along with all of these things, offering half-day Fridays can help your employee beat Friday afternoon traffic for weekend trips.

2. Remote Work Days Rather than require your employees to go to your workplace every day, allow them to work remotely more often in the summer. For example, you can host remote meetings, allowing employees to join from any location. This frees up time for your employees since they won't have to worry about a lengthy commute to work. It gives your employees extra time to enjoy summer activities with family members and friends, too.

3. Casual Dress Code If your company has a formal dress code, you can tweak it during summer. For instance, you can let workers wear casual apparel on Fridays. If you change your dress code for summer, keep in mind that you still want your employees to look professional around prospects and clients.

4. Extended Summer Holidays You may give your employees Independence Day and Labor Day off. You can provide additional time off to help your workers make the most of these holidays. You can let your workers leave early the day before a summer holiday. Or, you can provide your workers with extra time off after the holiday.

5. Professional Development Opportunities Summer is an excellent time to give your workers time to grow their careers. You can provide workshops and classes that cover a wide range of professional development topics. Moreover, you can encourage your workers to sign up for online or in-person courses. If you help your workers bolster their skill sets in summer, you may reap the benefits of doing so long into the future.

Get Started with Summer Incentives for Your Employees If you want to move forward with summer incentives, now's the time to get started. You can develop incentives for summer and share them with your workers. As you create your incentives, you can get feedback from employees about them. Plus, you can share details about your incentives with your employees and make sure these perks line up with your workers' expectations. In addition to developing and launching summer incentives, there is no time like the present to pursue top talent. At Ascend Staffing, we make it easy to engage with quality job candidates. Our team can learn about your business and its staffing needs and help you identify terrific job candidates to join your team. For more information about our staffing services, please contact us today.


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