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6 Ways to Be More Transparent to Employees

Updated: 3 days ago

Transparency can be a difference-maker at work. If you foster transparency with your employees, they are likely to know what to expect out of you. Over time, the more transparent you are to your workers, the better results you may get out of them. This may ultimately lead to a positive workplace where every worker is inspired and motivated to give 100%.  Of course, building transparency at work may be difficult.

Here are Six Tips to Help You Be More Transparent to Your Employees:

1. Define Transparency

Think about the behaviors and norms that permeate your business. This helps you define what transparency looks like. From here, you can make sure your goals for a transparent workplace align with your business's mission and values. You'll also be able to lay the foundation for a company culture built on transparency. 

2. Communicate with Your Employees

Leave no room for gray areas with your employees. Answer workers' questions and address employees' concerns as best as you can. Give employees opportunities to discuss their questions and concerns both one-on-one and as part of team meetings. When in doubt about what to tell employees about a particular work topic, consider their perspective. This may help you disseminate the information your employees need exactly when they need it. 

3. Be Accountable

If you make a mistake, own it. Take accountability for your actions, both good and bad. This allows you to show your employees it is OK to make a mistake and learn from it. In addition, it may lead workers to be accountable to one another, which may help make your entire team more productive and efficient than ever before. 

4. Provide Feedback

Let your employees know how you feel about their strengths and weaknesses. This helps your workers understand where they excel and where they can improve. It may empower your workers to take action to transform any weaknesses they have into strengths.  On top of this, be open to feedback. Encourage your workers to come forward with questions and concerns. This helps minimize the risk of employee dissatisfaction. It may help you boost your talent retention levels, too. 

5. Establish Goals

Write down goals for yourself and your employees. Track your progress with these goals and help workers achieve their aspirations. This enables you and your workers to monitor your results. It may also help you quickly identify and address problems that hamper your team's performance.

6. Create Work Standards

Develop standards for your workforce. Explain these standards to your workers and make sure they understand them. These standards help ensure each worker is treated fairly. If an employee violates a standard, hold this worker accountable. At this point, the employee can learn from their experience, and you can help them do what's necessary to prevent such issues from occurring again. 

Ready to Build a Transparent Workforce?

Building a transparent workforce may require hard work and persistence. Fortunately, the team at Ascend Staffing can help you out. We offer personalized staffing solutions to help you attract and retain top talent and develop a transparent workforce. To find out more, contact us today. 


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