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7 Strategies for Navigating the Light Industrial Labor Shortage

Updated: 3 days ago

What You Can Do to Navigate the Light Industrial Labor Shortage: Do not expect the light industrial labor shortage to improve on its own any time soon. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to find and recruit top manufacturing talent, even in the midst of a labor shortage. These include:

1. Extend Your Talent Search Keep your employees up to date on new career opportunities across your business. You may have quality professionals already working for you who are ready to explore new career opportunities. As such, you can give these professionals opportunities to further their careers. And, you can boost employee satisfaction and engagement.

2. Offer Flexible Work Options Give workers opportunities to work full- or part-time. For instance, you can provide flexible work schedules to accommodate parents. Ultimately, the more work options you provide to your employees, the more likely it becomes that your company can keep its staff happy. Over time, happy workers can become key contributors to your team. They can also help you distinguish your business to top talent down the line.

3. Promote Your Company Show job candidates what makes your business unique. Consider your business' mission, values, and goals. Next, you can develop marketing materials to highlight your company and explain what it's all about. You can use your website, social media, and other digital marketing materials to promote your company and its culture to job candidates around the world. As you do, you may find that top job candidates want to join your business and contribute to its success.

4. Provide the Benefits Your Employees Want Conduct research to find out what industry rivals are offering their manufacturing employees as they deal with the light industrial labor shortage. You can try to provide competitive wages. In addition, look for benefits your employees want to supplement the compensation you offer. For example, you can give your employees extra time off in lieu of an above-average annual salary.

5. Upskill Your Workforce Instead of looking far and wide for talent, you can help your workers improve their current skills and develop new ones. Create training programs to help your workers bolster their skill sets. These programs encourage your employees to learn. They can empower your workers to grow and thrive with your company.

6. Get Feedback from Your Workers Find out what employees like and dislike about your company. To do so, you can provide questionnaires and surveys to your workers. Then, your workers can give you insights into what you can do to level up your business and make it an attractive option to job candidates.

7. Partner with a Staffing Agency Choose a staffing agency that has a wealth of manufacturing experience and expertise. This agency can help you navigate the light industrial labor shortage. Most importantly, the agency will make sure you can recruit and retain top manufacturing talent long into the future.

Want Help Dealing with the Light Industrial Labor Shortage? Ascend Staffing Can Help At Ascend Staffing, we make it easy to identify the best manufacturing job candidates for your team. For more information about our staffing services for manufacturing, please contact us today.


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