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Give Thanks to Your Team This Thanksgiving

Updated: 3 days ago

1. Host a Potluck Bring your employees together for a Thanksgiving potluck. Each worker can pick out an appetizer, side dish, main course, or dessert for the potluck. Meanwhile, try to host the event at a date, time, and location that works well for most or all of your employees. That way, even your remote workers may be able to come out for the potluck.

2. Schedule a Team Outing Set up a team outing to help your employees get their Thanksgiving break off to a great start. The outing can include anything from a team trivia night to a trip to a local museum or zoo. Get feedback from your team before you schedule the outing. This allows you to learn what types of outings team members prefer and plan accordingly.

3. Give Your Workers Extra Time Off Offer bonus time that your workers can use to make the most of their Thanksgiving break. For instance, you can let workers leave early the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. You can also allow employees to return to work the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Any extra time you give to employees enables you to strengthen your relationships with them. And, when your employees return after the Thanksgiving break, they are likely willing to give their all to contribute to your company's success.

4. Provide Thanksgiving Gifts Help your workers get into the Thanksgiving spirit by giving them holiday gifts. You can offer a complimentary turkey that your employees can enjoy as part of a holiday feast. On the other hand, you may want to offer a tasty pie as a holiday dessert. When in doubt, you can always provide your employees with gift cards, too.

5. Write Thank You Notes Give each worker a personalized thank you note. A typical note may be only a few sentences. You can use the note to show workers how much you appreciate their hard work. In addition, the note allows you to thank your employees and let them know you hope they have an amazing holiday season.

Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them This Thanksgiving You want your employees to know you appreciate them. This Thanksgiving, capitalize on the opportunity to do just that. Do your part to show your appreciation to your workers in any way possible. In doing so, you can help your team feel and perform its best throughout the holiday season. Of course, if you want to add talent this holiday season, Ascend Staffing can assist. We offer staffing services to companies in a wide range of industries. To find out more, please contact us today.


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