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Hiring Trends to Expect Throughout 2022

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Your business is prioritizing talent recruitment in 2022. To achieve your talent recruitment goals, it pays to know what hiring trends to watch this year.

Now, let's examine three of the biggest hiring trends for 2022 and what they mean for your business.

1. Businesses Will Hire Job Candidates for Remote Roles.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic led many businesses to let employees work remotely. Companies have attempted to return to "business as usual" as the pandemic approaches its conclusion. Regardless, remote work is here to stay. As such, job candidates are increasingly interested in working exclusively from home.

Offering remote work opportunities can help your company stand out from the pack. If possible, you can promote remote jobs online. From here, you can stir up interest from job candidates from around the world.

In addition, if you hire remote job candidates, revamp your onboarding process. Ensure your remote workers have everything they need to hit the ground running. And verify your remote employees receive comprehensive support at all times.

2. Companies Want Inclusive Workforces.

Inclusion can make or break a business. A company that has an inclusive workforce is committed to building a work environment where diversity and equality are prominent. Furthermore, the business is well-equipped to stand out to top job candidates.

If you want an inclusive workforce, you need to assess your business culture. Oftentimes, it helps to conduct an employee survey regarding your culture. This gives you a glimpse into how your workers view your culture. You can then use your survey results to upgrade your culture accordingly.

Let your inclusive workforce promote your company to job candidates, too. For example, you can establish an employee referral program that encourages workers to share your job postings with their peers. This can put you in touch with quality job candidates. Plus, it can help you build and maintain an inclusive workforce.

3. Companies Are Updating Their Branding.

How a company presents itself to job candidates can have far-flung effects on its talent recruitment. If a company shows candidates it goes above, and beyond the call of duty, it can recruit talent like never before.

It can be beneficial to see how your brand stacks up in your industry. Take a look at how your rivals promote themselves. Next, you can fine-tune your branding as needed.

Don't forget to keep your branding up to date. If you regularly review your brand, you can find ways to distinguish your company to exceptional job candidates.

The Bottom Line on Hiring Trends to Watch in 2022

There is fierce competition for top talent. This is an ongoing concern for businesses and looks poised to affect companies across all industries in 2022.

Understanding the hiring trends to watch in 2022 is key. If you follow the latest hiring trends, you can take appropriate steps to help your company optimize its talent recruitment.

Lastly, if you need help with talent recruitment, partner with Ascend Staffing. We can keep you in the loop regarding the latest hiring trends. And we can put you in contact with superb job candidates at your convenience. To learn more, get in touch with us today.


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