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How to Adapt the Nightly Routine of The Most Successful People

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Disconnect From Work Want to be better at work? Your first step is to disconnect yourself from it. That is because the most successful people understand a clear divide between personal and professional time and realize the value of having downtime. The last few hours of every day should be about you and doing something you enjoy, which can do wonders at helping you start the following morning off on the right foot.

Unplug Some people spend all day staring at a screen for work. And very often, those same people spend all evening doing the same thing, except they call it “downtime.” The problem with this is that the blue light that is produced from these devices like your phone, tablet and monitors mimic the brightness of the sun and can trick your brain into stopping production of melatonin, an essential hormone for regulating sleep. So, if you are looking for a good night’s rest, ditch the phone and pick up a book a couple of hours before bed.

Reflect Life is busy, but if you look hard enough, it is pretty easy to see the wonderful things around us. From family and friends to the little moments of joy we can provide to ourselves, being grateful of the good things in your life will help keep you grounded and give you an excellent foundation for tackling the harder things the day ahead may have in store.

Make a To-Do List Just because you are taking some time the night before work to rest, relax, refuel and refresh, that doesn’t magically make all the tasks you have to do disappear. To adequately prepare for the day ahead the night before, you need to be clear on what that day ahead consists of, and for that, we recommend making a list. Keep it bulleted and straightforward, but knowing you have locked in your tasks for the next day can bring tremendous relief in knowing that you won't forget anything and can rest easy knowing what tomorrow has in store.

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